Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday 8am-3pm 


15 Lund Rd. Saco, Maine





Pool 3

Pool 3 instructs the following:
  • Pre-Beginner 1
  • Pre-Beginner I | 3-4 years

    Pre-Beginner is our first class without parental involvement. Children must have reached the age of three to enroll in this level. The emphasis in Pre-Beginner is on basic water skills such as assisted and unassisted floating, blowing bubbles and retrieving items from the bottom of a shallow (3 foot) area. Listening to instructions and working within a group are stressed along with important water safety lessons. Pre-Beginner includes games and activities that build confidence while increasing the child’s comfort and feel for the water. Finally, children will become comfortable swimming under the water. Pre-Beginner has two age divisions; the skills covered in the two divisions are identical.

  • Beginner 1
  • Beginner I | 3-6 years

    In Beginner, children are comfortable in the water, able to completely submerge, and can float on their front and back. The emphasis in Beginner is on development of confidence and feel for the water. Children remain in the Beginner level until they are swimming freestyle and demonstrating rotary breathing. It is anticipated that children will remain in this level for multiple sessions, as the skills to be mastered are quite broad and varied.

    Beginner has two age divisions; the skills covered in the two divisions are identical.

  • Summer Day Swim Camp Wk9
  • Come swim and play with us! Your child will enjoy swim lessons in our new pools as well as structured activities. Come one week or come all!

  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate | 5 years +

    The Intermediate is the highest level of group instruction. Intermediate swimmers can swim for a distance unaided. Additionally, these swimmers demonstrate comfortable rotary breathing with freestyle, a competent backstroke, and a feel for the water. The fundamentals of breaststroke and butterfly are reinforced. These children will work to improve their skills so they can swim several laps of each stroke with confidence.