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Monday - Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday 8am-3pm 


15 Lund Rd. Saco, Maine





“Training at the Michael Phelps Skill Center was an incredible opportunity and experience. Just being able to have 1-on-1 time with a coach has significantly improved my techniques in Butterfly and Freestyle as well as making my strokes a lot more powerful and more effortless.”
- Collin Chamberlain







Private Coaching 8 - 30 minute coached sessions $300.00 PURCHASE
Private Coaching 8 - 1 hour coached sessions $450.00 PURCHASE
Private Coaching 60 minute Stroke Analysis with USB Take-away  $150.00 PURCHASE
Group Coaching

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SwimDynamic is a customized swimming development program that combines instruction, video analysis and planned swimming sessions in dynamic water to help you maximize your potential.


  • Series of coached sessions with video analysis
  • Recommendations for drills/sets to incorporate into your training
  • Open swim sessions that allow you to swim continuously at your convenience 


Package #1 8 hours coached and 10 full hours reserved pool time $550.00 PURCHASE
Package #2 8 hours coached and 10 ½ hours reserved pool time  $500.00 PURCHASE
Package #3 8 ½ hour coached and 10 full hour reserved pool time  $450.00 PURCHASE
Package #4 8 ½ hour coached and 10 ½ hour reserved pool time $400.00  PURCHASE



OA Elite Competitive Training Course offered through Parisi Speed School ~ Please call Parisi Speed School for more information

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