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“Training at the Michael Phelps Skill Center was an incredible opportunity and experience. Just being able to have 1-on-1 time with a coach has significantly improved my techniques in Butterfly and Freestyle as well as making my strokes a lot more powerful and more effortless.” - Collin Chamberlain

  Michael Phelps Skill Center is a valuable resource for competitive swimmers who are looking to supplement their current training regimen. We offer in-depth technical stroke instruction from some of the best and most successful coaches in the world, a unique, exclusive, and dynamic training environment, and cutting edge technology like underwater filming. By using multiple camera angles and eliminating the distractions found in practice or a meet, we can zero in on minor adjustments that often go unnoticed.



Michael Phelps Skill Center provides one-on-one coaching for swimmers looking to supplement their training and raise their swimming performance to the next level. The sessions focus on personal strengths, areas for growth and goals.


  • $60 for 1 hour



Our seasonal program is a customized swimming development program that combines coaching instruction, video analysis and focused swimming sessions in dynamic water to help you maximize your potential as you prepare for your season. It is designed to supplement your program and provide you with specialized training tailored to suit your specific needs under the guidance of our world-class instruction program.

1 hour $60 pre-season check-up

1 hour pre-season and 1 hour mid-season check-in $120



Facility Rentals For Your Team

Use our tools, equipment, and dynamic water to enhance your program.

  • Dynamic water allows you to have exceptional visibility of each of your swimmers strokes
  • Capture the stroke on video, play it back for your swimmer immediately, make stroke adjustments and recapture the stroke to show real-time improvements
  • Let our expert staff aid you in supplementing your coaching with industry leading equipment