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Monday - Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday 8am-3pm 


15 Lund Rd. Saco, Maine





“I was amazed to experience how true-to-life the aquatic atmosphere felt at the MPSC, particularly in terms of open-water swimming. I highly recommend using this as a tool to train for the rigors of an open-water race or triathlon, especially if the swim will be in a body of water that is prone to chop and swell. The ability to simulate these conditions in a safe, controlled environment is a huge value for athletes preparing for race day. “
– Will Thomas, Tri-Maine 



Michael Phelps Skill Center provides triathletes and open-water swimmers with world-class instruction in a state-of-the-art facility designed to increase stroke efficiency and improve performance.  Michael Phelps Skill Center offers athletes access to supplemental training programs in a dynamic water environment with video analysis to meet the abilities of all swim levels.


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SwimSafeCertified is a tri-safety clinic that was developed in collaboration with triathletes and open-water swimmers. It is designed to build confidence in open-water events through an exclusive, interactive instruction curriculum that will help competitors prepare to swim.

  • Focus on breathing & maintaining breath control in dynamic water
  • Address feelings of anxiety & panic that often occur when swimming in crowded conditions
  • Prepare for open-water emergency situations such as cramping, fatigue or water-filled goggles
  • 2 hour clinic, $60 per participant, max 8 




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SwimSmart is a one-on-one “fitting” session designed to help  build power, confidence and efficiency in open-water. Addressing stroke deficiencies, SwimSmart will help you minimize your time and effort in the water so you can maximize your energy across the entire race.

  • Full stroke assessment and stroke form recommendations
  • A comprehensive video analysis (before & after) loaded onto Flash Drive
  • Enhanced overall efficiency through a 2 hour coaching session 
  • Cost $200.00 






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SwimReady is an open-swim session that offers you the opportunity to swim continuously in a private setting with self-controlled dynamic water and video access. Supplement your training regimen with reserved pool time that best suits your schedule and experience the benefits of swimming in dynamic water with zero turns.


Cost for 3 half hour sessions $35.00   PURCHASE
Cost for 3 full hour sessions $60.00 PURCHASE




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SwimDynamic is a customized swimming development program that combines instruction, video analysis and planned swimming sessions in dynamic water to help you maximize your potential.


  • Series of coached sessions with video analysis
  • Recommendations for drills/sets to incorporate into your training
  • Open swim sessions that allow you to swim continuously at your convenience 


Package #1 8 hours coached and 10 full hours reserved pool time $550.00 PURCHASE
Package #2 8 hours coached and 10 ½ hours reserved pool time  $500.00 PURCHASE
Package #3 8 ½ hour coached and 10 full hour reserved pool time  $450.00 PURCHASE
Package #4 8 ½ hour coached and 10 ½ hour reserved pool time $400.00  PURCHASE